tell me about LOST, bitch. :D


  • How I entered/learned about the said game/show/movie/etc of that fandom: One day I was checking out our latest copy of Entertainment Weekly, which happened to be the one with Matt and Evi on the cover. First I thought to myself ‘damn they hot’ and then I started reading a bit about the show (I had heard of it of course, everyone was like ‘watch this it’s the shit’ and I always thought it was like some weird combo of The Love Boat and Survivor) and found out it had time travel in it. And time travel almost ALWAYS sells me on things. For shits and giggles I tuned in to the live ep of the week (it was LaFleur and naturally I had no clue what in the everloving fuck was going on). I was like..okay..and then I caught the pilot ep on syfy at 1am (back when it was the sci-fi channel and actually had lost reruns). From then on it was looooove. 
  • Fave character: Tie between Jack Shephard and Juliet Burke.
  • Least fave character: Before I think I would have said Ana Lucia or Michael but after rewatching the series I got a better understanding of them. I don’t really dislike anyone, I just like other characters more. 
  • OTP(s) Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Juliet, Sun/Jin, Desmond/Penny..pretty much in love with every pairing minus one. 
  • Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get: Sawyer/Kate. I like them as friends but that’s about it.
  • Fave thing about the fandom: The passion and humor of this fan base is the best. Reading people’s whacked-out theories every week was so much fun.
  • The most despised thing: The ship wars could (and still..even though the show’s ended..I mean seriously?) get infuriating. People complaining how confusing the whole thing was to follow in terms of flashforwards/flashbacks. And of course ‘omg they were dead from the start?!’ NO. THEY WEREN’T. SHUT UP. Really this show did not take a knowledge of rocket science to follow like so many people make it out to be.
  • If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be: More story off island with Jack and Kate and back on island with Sawyer and Juliet, only because I just want more scenes with those pairings *shrug*
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  1. evenkate said: …not to mention how much I do agree with all your ‘despised things’, SERIOUSLY. Ship wars, getting names because of that, GO HAVE A LIFE, people. Lmao.
  2. rowboatcop said: The Lost Love Boat: with Captain Frank Lapedis!
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